Factoring Loans & Invoice Factoring

Get Paid for Your Invoices Now with Factoring Loans

For more than 20 years, A2Z Business Loans has been in the business of helping companies get the cash they need to maintain operations on a daily basis. Finance factoring has also enabled businesses to expand and while start-ups have been able to grow at a steady pace by factoring accounts receivable. The process essentially turns invoices into assets as there is no waiting around to get paid. A2Z Business Loans can fast track you into the process. Just call 866-299-3757 and we can get you started. Here is more about the factoring process:

  • Factoring is not the same as a traditional bank loan. There is no repayment period as the third-party lender collects payment of the invoice from the client. The company that uses factoring services is not required to make any reimbursements.
  • A cash advance is given to the business who decides to factor receivables. This is not an actual loan which means there is no new debt incurred. The remainder of the balance is paid when the invoice is paid in full.
  • Receivable factoring companies use the term factoring loan to describe the process of invoice factoring. There are many different names which also include factoring of receivables, commercial factoring, and receivable factoring. The process remains the same as businesses are able to get paid for their invoices immediately.

Factoring Benefits

  • The first benefit that comes with choosing A2Z Business Loans is that of quick turnaround time. Your cash advance could be on the way to you right away. We don’t waste time and our experience allows us to expedite this process.
  • The next benefit is low rates as we do not take advantage of businesses who need money. Our accounts receivable funding is known for its extremely low rates so that businesses get the most out of our business factoring.
  • The final benefit is that there are no credit checks that businesses need to pass in order to qualify for factor financing. The credit history of your clients determines whether or not a factoring loan will be disbursed.

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