Merchant Cash Advance

A2Z Business Loans has a variety of options when it comes to merchant loans. We provide hard money lending that can help get you through a real estate transaction.

Quick Approval Small Business Loans

We deliver true small business loans using our Score® technology, which focuses on the health of your business – not your personal credit score. You can receive a decision in hours and funding in as fast as 5 business day. We’ve delivered over billion nationwide, and have US-based Loan Specialists available six days a week if you need assistance.

Merchant Cash Advance

Merchant loans are intended to help businesses get immediate funding without going through..

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Accounts Receivable Financing

Accounts receivable financing is one of the oldest forms of financing in business...

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Real Estate Investor Funding

Real estate investors, small business owners and many others have already..

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Invoice Factoring Loans

Invoice factoring is a way for businesses to convert their invoices into cash...

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Small Business Funding

A business cash advance from A2Z Business Loans is an excellent alternative for businesses..

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Hard Money Loans

When trying to secure a traditional loan or mortgage, there are extensive credit checks along..

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Why you should choose us

There is a wide range of loan amounts available through A2Z Business Loans.

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Easy Application

The application process for the Business Instalment Loan is quick and simple

Maximum Loans

Because we know you need capital, our loan allows you to borrow up to max*

Unsecured Access

We require no collateral or security to approve your Business Instalment Loan

Fast Decision

We make it easy with high approval rates within 48 hours and funding as fast as 5 business days.

Clients’ Tetimonials

I had never heard of a hard money loan, but had been turned down for enough conventional loans so I figured I would give it a try. The staff at A2Z were so helpful in explaining the process and walking me through each step. They explained every detail and were willing to answer every question I had. The process went smoothly and now I finally have the money I need to build a secure future for my family.

Jesse - Canton


I own a small construction company and was really up against a time crunch when it came to finishing a very important project. I needed funds right away to get the job done and any conventional lending would have taken too long. I contacted A2Z loans and was amazed at how quickly I was approved. I had the money I needed to complete the project and that made my entire year.

Roland – Springfield


Frequently Asked Questions

At A2Z Business Loans, qualifying for a hard money loan is fast and easy. We won’t waste time looking into your credit history and we do not care if you have bad credit or even no credit at all. Property is used as collateral which does away with the need to run extensive background checks.

We know that time is of the essence when you are trying to close a real-estate deal or flipping a house. That is why A2Z Business Loans works quickly to get you the money you need. We take pride in being one of the fastest hard money brokers in the business.

Repayment times differ among each client as they could be completed in a few months or extend to as many as 18 months. There is a convenience in doing business this way as it allows owners to continue to operate without working capital.

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